Beer selection
Tomato and Burrata Cheese
The G.O.A.T.
Marina Bay
Harvard Yard Bird
Big Bun
Georges Bank
Clam Chowdah
Boston Whaler
Two if by Sea
Sweet Caroline
The Hojo
Shaved Ice (Watermelon)
Shaved Ice (Pineapple)
Shaved Ice (Honeydew)
Shaved Ice (Mango)
Lobstah MAC
Red Bean Shaved Ice
New England Taco
Minute Man
Big Bun Making 2
Big Bun Making
Lobstah Bisque
The Hojo 2
Two if by sea 2
New England Tacos 2
George's bank 3
Bostonian 2
Shaved Ice (Cantaloupe)
Boston Whaler 1

Here at Lobstah On A Roll,

we use only the FRESHEST meats, seafood, produce and bread.